2015: Year in Review


Ashburn, VA: Professional Portrait

I really do love to take pictures but I dread posting on my blog. I am so hard on myself. I have a bully that lives in my head (have you seen the movie Inside Out?) and when I sit down to type out a post….yikes! It is no fun. But I believe that bullies should be STOPPED so today I have purposed myself to tackle my…. myself.

A few months ago I had the wonderful fortune to do some head shots with the lovely Victoria Ro. Victoria is a Real Estate Agent who has been helping families find or sell homes. She really does care about the whole process as much as you do. Sincera Properties offers an all-inclusive service and support that takes you through a step-by-step process, which allows their clients to buy comfortably, knowing exactly what they can afford.

She is dedicated to connecting the right family to the right home and she is such a sweet and fun person that I am confident she makes the experience delightful. 



Keith finals-5059

Family Portraits: Dan & Elizabeth

Time for the 1st post of 2014. I thought it would be fun to look back at a Christmas session :) Better late than never!



I love motivated people. They inspire! And these people are MOTIVATED! He goes to work in a flight suit, representing the US Air Force. She wears a Doctor’s coat because she is a nurse practitioner for an endocrinologist. They are a very special couple and they share a very special love. It is obvious that they are a team unit and they are happy to be back together. Dan just recently returned from deployment and he was definitely missed. It was a pleasure to spend time with them out at the Goodstone Inn & Restaurant and get a glimpse into their love. Dan & Elizabeth you guys are very special people and I deeply respect your hard work and loving hearts.

Family Portraits: Ashburn

I need to have a cool quote here or something that speaks to what a beautiful phase of life this family is at. Sam is raised, she is accomplished, she is a jewel in their crown. And now BJ and Brian don’t just parent her but also really respect her. When BJ talks about her daughter she beams. Mega Watt! The light in her eyes and the joy in her voice is very powerful. Sam is going some gr8 places and everyone who knows her… know that! It was a pleasure to spend time with these people. They are my neighbors and it was really nice to go from seeing them in the front yard to getting a glimpse into their family. Thank you for allowing me that view.

BJ-edit (1 of 1)

See the Mega Watt smiles. The love is right at the surface. I LOVE that!

BJ-edit_finals_low_res (1 of 2)

Engagement: Peter & Alicia

So… people in love are fun to be around, but these 2 take it to a whole new place!  They ooze fun! I love it! And they love each other! Smiling, laughing, tenderness is what they are full of, they bring a joy that is so infectious. They are amazing people,so interesting and special in their own right but when they are together, they are mega-WATT. When I was editing the pictures, I realized that I kept smiling. Oh, so sweet!

Peter & Alicia, I pray for nothing but sunshine and blessings in your life together… but when the storm clouds of life come rolling in, pull out your umbrella and dance in the rain!


Newborn portraits: Keenan

St. Patrick’s Day is his holiday. His name is Keenan and he is the youngest of 5 very Irish individuals. He is my neighbor and I was thrilled to get to spend this time with him. He is such a cute little leprechaun! I think his family thinks he is a pot of gold… and maybe his neighbor too.



Family Portraits: Kuhn’s crew

I love to knit and apparently God does too. He knit Annie’s and my heart together moments after we met. It has been a friendship that has endured, blossomed and multiplied. Now I hold her whole family dear and I am honored to be “the family photographer!”She and Jared have welcomed 4 beautiful children into their family…4!

One thing that I love about these pictures is that they were all taken in about 7 minutes. I think that is a selling point for any guy, that there is the potential that things could get finished up quickly! And that is with Annie and I giggling.In the order of full disclosure, I think that we were motivated by the windy chill. We were in Wyoming in the winter.

Such a special family :)

Virginia newborn: Eric & Sara

I have boys. 2 of them, (picture bugs, blood and lots of loud family football matches) so when I had the pleasure of photographing 3 month old little Madeline, some part of me curled inside. She coos! I think she did it for me, somehow she knew my life was full of all things non-coo-ing.

She was an adorable little 3 month old but what was distracting was how much her parents LOVE her! They can’t get enough. After 3 months of sleepless nights and diapers they still hang on her every smile, sound and gesture. I LOVE love! I love seeing a new families in all their shiny newness.



2012 Highlights: Ashburn, VA Photographer

Wow have I been behind on blogging. Wow- The only reason that I am doing it now is because I am in the back seat of the car.  My 2 boys are watching a video and my husband is up front driving and is chatting with my Mom. Oh-yeah, and the shoot that I did yesterday is still importing. Life has been SO busy. Actually busy doesn’t cover it, so I think it is time for me to make up a new term. Cyberbusy? Galatically busy? Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not complaining, I am simply saying that life for the past few months has been a consistent juggling act. And every now and then I drop a ball. And every once and a while I put a ball down so that I don’t have an anxiety attack. And that is why I haven’t been blogging, that was one thing that I let go for a little while.

But I have met so many special people in the last few months, and I have had the distinct privilege to photograph families that have added a new member, 2 people that fell in love and became family or women that still had their family growing in the bellies and their hearts. Here are a few of my favorite…



Virginia Maternity: New Starts

How do I say this honestly… I have been putting off blogging. I have been running myself ragged trying to do everything, but  not being able to enjoy what I am doing because I am anticipating what is coming next. I want to make a confession: I am NOT Superwoman. Surprise!  There I stated the obvious but some how it felt necessary. I have been around amazing woman who seem to do it all, effortlessly and they make me feel like… less than. Ok, they don’t make me feel less than, I do. I look at all they are able to do and juggle and it seems easier for them somehow. I don’t make all my meals from scratch, I can’t make an amazing birthday cake for my kids, my make-up isn’t always perfect (sometimes it is the complete opposite), I am not a size 6, my house is not perfectly styled and clean, my children do not always behave, and the list goes on…. Either I am hanging out with Super Women and I am less than… Or__________________

Why do I say this on a photography website? Because I have been hearing lately that before clients want to get pictures they want to: loose weight, get their hair done, it will take to much time to pick the perfect outfit, they don’t know of any ideal locations, etc. etc. etc. Please don’t misunderstand, I don’t say this to drum up more business. Because my plate is spilling over full these days. It is to say that no time will ever be perfect and sometimes the imperfections of reality are what we are going to want to remember years down the road. The simple truth :)

Here is a picture from one of my last sessions and I thought it was great. 1) because it is the truth of motherhood and 2)it speaks volumes of love for her child and that is what will be remembered + it is pretty funny! Heidi was so relaxed and stunningly beautiful. The was she loves her son seems to radiate out of her. She moves in such peace and grace. She is fun and makes me laugh but she also encourages me to listen to my inner voice and seek peace. She just had a baby girl and I will be sharing a few of those pictures soon.

And all it takes to make a picture perfect is to be present in the moment and loving the people you are with :)

I am going to try to blog more. And make more things from scratch,

try not to make inappropriate jokes, pick out jewelry that matches my clothes…