Virginia Maternity: Miss Cate

I am counting the days till this little one arrives on the scene but until then I am enjoying watching Cate be pregnant like a rockstar. Nothing stops her! She is fun to be around and she brings the party with her. When she was 5 months pregnant she was still riding Kai’s big wheel. When she was 6 months along, she insisted that she was put in the rotation with the kids for the swing in our backyard. At almost 7 months, I watched her race her 2 year old around the back yard in a push car and as she stood up, I called her name and snapped this picture.

Pregnant women have a glow about them and Cate is no exception. There is a joy surrounding her and her embracing this stage of life and so excited about the little one coming. I hope her kid knows how cool her Mom was …. IS!


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