Engagement: Peter & Alicia

So… people in love are fun to be around, but these 2 take it to a whole new place! ¬†They ooze fun! I love it! And they love each other! Smiling, laughing, tenderness is what they are full of, they bring a joy that is so infectious. They are amazing people,so interesting and special in their own right but when they are together, they are mega-WATT. When I was editing the pictures, I realized that I kept smiling. Oh, so sweet!

Peter & Alicia, I pray for nothing but sunshine and blessings in your life together… but when the storm clouds of life come rolling in, pull out your umbrella and dance in the rain!


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  1. Laura

    Love this, Kat!! You are so talented and I’m so thankful that you are kind enough to help capture these special moments! So many of my favorite people all in one place…that was a fun afternoon!! :)

    June 7th, 2013 at 10:50 pm

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