Family Portraits: Ashburn

I need to have a cool quote here or something that speaks to what a beautiful phase of life this family is at. Sam is raised, she is accomplished, she is a jewel in their crown. And now BJ and Brian don’t just parent her but also really respect her. When BJ talks about her daughter she beams. Mega Watt! The light in her eyes and the joy in her voice is very powerful. Sam is going some gr8 places and everyone who knows her… know that! It was a pleasure to spend time with these people. They are my neighbors and it was really nice to go from seeing them in the front yard to getting a glimpse into their family. Thank you for allowing me that view.

BJ-edit (1 of 1)

See the Mega Watt smiles. The love is right at the surface. I LOVE that!

BJ-edit_finals_low_res (1 of 2)

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