Newborn portraits: Keenan

St. Patrick’s Day is his holiday. His name is Keenan and he is the youngest of 5 very Irish individuals. He is my neighbor and I was thrilled to get to spend this time with him. He is such a cute little leprechaun! I think his family thinks he is a pot of gold… and maybe his neighbor too.



Virginia newborn: Eric & Sara

I have boys. 2 of them, (picture bugs, blood and lots of loud family football matches) so when I had the pleasure of photographing 3 month old little Madeline, some part of me curled inside. She coos! I think she did it for me, somehow she knew my life was full of all things non-coo-ing.

She was an adorable little 3 month old but what was distracting was how much her parents LOVE her! They can’t get enough. After 3 months of sleepless nights and diapers they still hang on her every smile, sound and gesture. I LOVE love! I love seeing a new families in all their shiny newness.



2012 Highlights: Ashburn, VA Photographer

Wow have I been behind on blogging. Wow- The only reason that I am doing it now is because I am in the back seat of the car.  My 2 boys are watching a video and my husband is up front driving and is chatting with my Mom. Oh-yeah, and the shoot that I did yesterday is still importing. Life has been SO busy. Actually busy doesn’t cover it, so I think it is time for me to make up a new term. Cyberbusy? Galatically busy? Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not complaining, I am simply saying that life for the past few months has been a consistent juggling act. And every now and then I drop a ball. And every once and a while I put a ball down so that I don’t have an anxiety attack. And that is why I haven’t been blogging, that was one thing that I let go for a little while.

But I have met so many special people in the last few months, and I have had the distinct privilege to photograph families that have added a new member, 2 people that fell in love and became family or women that still had their family growing in the bellies and their hearts. Here are a few of my favorite…



Virginia Newborn: Rebecca & Johnathan & Bella

I was so excited to meet Bella. She was just 12 days old. Fresh. New. Pure. Innocent. The first days and weeks as a family can be a roller coaster ride but such a sweet and memorable ride. You know you really lived each day. Because when you finally fall into bed {If you manage to make it to bed} you feel like you really used every ounce of energy possible. Exhausting but incredibly satisfying!

Jonathan is steady and strong. Ready to step in when needed and always looking at his bride with love. And his little girl makes his eyes light up and his smile appear. Seeing a father with that look on his face brings tears to my eyes. A love that will stand the tests, challenges and conflicts that life will surely bring and will always see his little girl as “His little Girl!”

Rebecca is a teacher! (Round of applause coming from me) She is one of those women who give her heart to other peoples children everyday. And-may I add-she did it up to the very last days before Bella was born. She is a natural mother. She has a vibe that she gives off of joy and nurturing. Bella is a blessed little girl.

And Bella…well she is a little angel!

And I wish this new family of 3 tremendous blessings!


Morris Family a new family of four

A few weeks back, I met back up with the Morris family and got to meet their newest bundle of love. I had meet the family while he was still in the oven, so I was excited to see him on the outside. He was such a good baby. I have to say that what struck me the most was how good his older sister was. She was attentive and caring and very excited about him. Watching her nurture him made it such a sweet and special time to take pictures.