2012 Highlights: Ashburn, VA Photographer

Wow have I been behind on blogging. Wow- The only reason that I am doing it now is because I am in the back seat of the car.  My 2 boys are watching a video and my husband is up front driving and is chatting with my Mom. Oh-yeah, and the shoot that I did yesterday is still importing. Life has been SO busy. Actually busy doesn’t cover it, so I think it is time for me to make up a new term. Cyberbusy? Galatically busy? Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not complaining, I am simply saying that life for the past few months has been a consistent juggling act. And every now and then I drop a ball. And every once and a while I put a ball down so that I don’t have an anxiety attack. And that is why I haven’t been blogging, that was one thing that I let go for a little while.

But I have met so many special people in the last few months, and I have had the distinct privilege to photograph families that have added a new member, 2 people that fell in love and became family or women that still had their family growing in the bellies and their hearts. Here are a few of my favorite…



Wedding: Paul & Lauren

Lauren looked like every little girl dreams to look like on her wedding day. She was GORGEOUS and peaceful. There was a calm about her that was facinating. She was such a gracious bride, no drama and not attention seeking. It was beautiful to watch her transform from casual street clothes to a gorgeous gown, and make it look effortless.  She is a beauty inside and out.

The other things beautiful about her, were they people around her. It was clear that she has been blessed with a life filled with love and tenderness.

Mother of the Groom dancing with her son. The way they were looking at each other with Lauren lovingly looking on, melted my heart,

This is what they did when Beyonce’s song was on. “If you like it then you should putta ring on it.”

Wedding: Mike & Lisa